18 Created by Digit Reversal

Sometimes, there might not be a visible 18 or a 0. Numerology has in its store such remarkable concepts like ‘ creation of 18 by digit reversal’, one finds hard to believe.

In school days, we have casually learnt about and worked with digit reversals. For examples, sums involving numbers 27 and 72.  19 and 91 or 53 and 35.

The main concept related with the solution of those problems was the difference by 9 or its multiple.

Now that we have discovered and known that number 18 [one of the multiples of 9] stands equal to zero 0, those school days digit reversal maths seems all the more pleasing.

We know the importance of an 18 [especially in ‘0’ form]. It leads to negative results- success turns into defeat. Numerology demands the application of those maths stuff on ’18’ only….not other forms of 9.

And hope you have yourself played with number pairs –

13  –  31

35  –  53

46  –  64

All of them are based on mere reversal of digits – unit digits moving to ten’ place and vice versa. AND, the difference of values in each pair is exactly an 18.

SO, when we encounter a number [representing the person’ birth numerology] in reversed digit form in the event stats….  it means numerology is hinting at an ‘hidden’ 0…


Deficit by 18 creates 0 – When the event stats is showing numbers similar to the person’s number yet less by exact 18, it creates a 0 automatically and indicates/leads to defeat.





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