Salman Khan Katrina Kaif Marriage Is Possible !

  • salman with beautiful katrina
  • salman with beautiful katrina

    We love Salman khan so much and we are interested in Salman Katrina marriage. But when will Salman khan marry Katrina kaif? Will it ever happen? What is his marriage age? What is the hindrance? If the actor is reading this post, he can know the numerological cause for the same.

    First of all, do you know why he is being so romantic through out his life? Many girls have entered his heart, including Aishwarya Rai and Kat. It is because his destiny number falls in number 6 series which stands for romance. Just add up all the digits of Salman khan birth date, with month and year included,

    Dec 27, 1965=  2 + 7 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 33= 6

    You might watched the Salman Katrina film Ek tha tiger, both are appearing ‘mashallah’ a perfect couple, made for each other. Is their tuning correct as per numerology?

    Coming back to the question what is the problem in Salman Katrina marriage? Salman khan has a name number in 30 with components – salman adding to 17 i.e.and khan to 13 i.e. 4. A person should not have 8 and 4 as his name part, the pattern ’84’ creates disturbances in relationships, especially marital.

    Salman is famous because of his first name in 17, but he never received too many awards as shahrukh khan. The major defect that has been observed with name number 17 is that it hampers marriage and child.

    Since his destiny is adding to very powerful number 33 i.e. 6, he should have his name number tuned to/modified to number 6 series. It will increase his success in films, and more than that the marriage chances of Salman and Katrina. Presently, his name is in 3 series which is considered as an enemy number to 6.

    Number 6, according to numerology, keeps the person youthful and handsome. No wonder, Salman looks much younger than his age which is 50 now. He looks even more younger when acting with Katrina Kaif in film. Pick any Salman Katrina film, you will believe my words.

    I would suggest him a name change to sallman. The extra ‘l’ will change his name to 20 i.e. which is highly favorable for love marriage and success in acting.

    Then, his name components would become 20 and 13, 2 and 4 combination and the final addition to 33 would be in perfect sync with his destiny number and the vital numbers of Katrina kaif. It would smoothen the path of Salman katrina marriage for sure ! Age don’t matter for such hot couple, still the marriage should not be late.

    There are many advanced methods, according to astrology, for finding the marriage age of a person. According to numerology,  the marriage age is usually that which coincide with the person’s birth date or destiny beejank, or number 6, 5 series in general.  What is the marriage age of Salman khan, according to numerology then?

    If we consider his birth date 27=22, and add his destiny number 33 to this, we get 55. May be Salman khan marry at age 55, a possibility!

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