Name Number 15 And Childlessness !

  • rekha without child
  • rekha without child

    Usually,name number adding to 6 like 6,15,24 is highly favorable for marriage,children,popularity and wealth.Further,the name number in 15 gives immense beauty to that person.

    15 has 1 and 5 as its components and a 6 on final addition.The 1 in it makes the person slim.Further,there are two powerful beauty generating numbers – 6 and 5 in a single name number.Hence it is extremely favorable for female beauty.

    Here,name number 15 exhibits a strange behavior which very few persons are aware about. Most of the time,a person with name number in 15 gets married.Yet,he is prone to face the problem of childlessness.

    The reason for childlessness is that the hidden component 5 in the name number 15 gives beauty but might leave the person devoid of a child.

    There are many childless celebrities examples to be found in hollywood/bollywood. Famous example in bollywood is actress Rekha. Her name number adds to 15 .

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