Numerology and Hair loss problem – Solution !

  • hair loss cure treatment
  • hair loss cure treatment

    Searching the reasons for your hair loss? Some feel that it might be due to recent marriage [overindulgence in sex]. Funny it is, but not a medical truth. The good thing is- you can control hair fall easily.

    If your birth date,astrological month,name number or destiny number adds to 5 ,you might face hair loss and baldness. This applies only for men.

    Since other numbers are fixed, the only solution or we can say the hair loss treatment [future prevention] lies in changing the name as per numerology. You can change your name so that it adds to specific numbers which promote hair growth !

    Astrological month related with number 5 falls on – may 20 – june 27 and aug 20 – sept 27. [In case of girls/women, it may take the form of hair fall. Numerology number 5 might/might not be the main reason in their case.]

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