Day Numbers Suitable For Share Trading

  • stock market live news
  • stock market live news

    In numerology,what we do is to add the digits of the dates higher than 9th of any month and the result is that we get day numbers ranging between 1-9 only.

    Example- may 15,we will add 1 plus 5 = 6 similarly,nov 28th we get 2 plus 8 = 10 again 1 plus 0 = 1.It is quite obvious that we will get the resultant between 1- 9 only.

    Not all day numbers are conducive to wealth generation.I have analysed these things closely in stock market live news for many years and have notice many interesting patterns….

    Day numbers,not the date numbers – 3,5,6 and 8are capable of increasing share market trading ,pushes the price levels up in the initial hour.

    1,4 keeps the levels constant and sometimes promotes slow and steady growth in the initial hours.

    2,7 and 9 keeps the income low,you will find lesser trading falling index and prices of shares on such day numbers in the initial hours.

    The trend of the day depends on destiny number – it should be favorable otherwise the trend will reverse and go down if the destiny is 2 or 7. Will grow with 3,5,6 and 7. Remain stable with 1,4 and 9.

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