Abhishek Bachchan Should Flash ‘AB’ For Dhoom 3

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    Dhoom rests heavily on Abhishek’s name. But, how to make Dhoom sequel lucky for him?

    Abhishek Bachchan has a name number in 49 i.e. 4 which is not good for those born in astrological period 8 – Jan 20- feb 27.It spoils the outcome of his hard works. A simple name change will make abhishek outshine in dhoom sequel.

    He has a destiny number in 3 which is the representative of planet Juipiter or Guru.He should use name number 3 more than often in movie .He should flash his name as ‘AB’ instead of full name since AB adds to 3.

    His upcoming film Dhoom 3 has name number in 30,it would prove lucky for him if he uses simply ‘AB’ in the starcast list and its promotion in media.

    It would be still better if he alters the spelling of his name Abhishek someway to make it luck for him. This time he has a great chance to steal the show !

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