Unlucky Number 38 Casted Its Spell On Rajiv Kapoor,Uday Chopra !

  • rajiv kapoor 2012
  • rajiv kapoor 2012

    Bollywood celebrities Rajiv Kapoor and Uday Chopra might be still wondering – why didnt they get success in any of their venture despite their dedication towards work.I can explain it for them and their fans.

    The main problem lies with their name number coming in unlucky 38,both of them are carrying their bad luck in the for of their own name !

    Rajiv kapoor got success in only one film – ‘Ram teri ganga maili’ and never after that.He is good looking,can act well yet his name number is still not giving him any discounts.

    His name is still more unlucky than the latter because his main name -Rajiv also comes under the deadly 11 which might keep you away from wealth and success lifelong.

    Further,his title ‘Kapoor’ adds to 27 with a lucky ‘P’ in it.But,the final name adds to 11 plus 27 = 38.When you have a 8 in your name number,the ‘P’ fails to shine.

    Also,38 in itself is highly unlucky and also,it adds to 11 again !

    Now,we will analyse the name of macho boy ‘Uday chopra’ .He was born on 5 january, 1973. January is the month of strong saturn which can give huge success.Even his destiny number is 26 – the sensational success number.

    But,his name number adds to 38,Uday adds to 12 and chopra in 26.He also has a ‘p’ letter in his name.Name number 38 is denying him success.He really desearves success,he has good action talents.

    It is always preferable to try a name change and see what happens,i would suggest them likewise because i want to see them as good successful celebrities of bollywood.

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