Why Was Aamir Khan’ Satyamev Jayate A Failure ?

  • aamir satyamev jayate
  • aamir satyamev jayate

    The much hyped tv show of bollywood actor Aamir khan fell flat among the audience and neither did it earn much for the makers, numerology has its explainations, read ahead.

    The basic fault with the show was the title itself which added in 11.The name components Satyamev adds to 25 and Jayate in 13 – finally in 25 plus 13 = waste number 38 !

    The first season of this tv show premiere date was 6 May 2012 .The month and date belonged to entertainment number 6 ,its destiny number was 16 i.e. 7.

    It marked the television debut of Aamir Khan whose destiny number is 29..i.e. 11.So,though the show flopped,it didnt defame him completely.

    Since,the title of the tv show added in 38 i.e. 11,it remained low in trp and income levels. The sponsors had to withdraw their support. Unlucky numbers results in decline in trp levels. Even ‘Mahabharat 2014’ suffered because its airing date had 38.

    First of all, any show related with public service should be named in specific numbers [never ever in 38], then it will be a huge hit in the real sense – gains for the makers and usefulness for the common man.

    And it should be aired on auspicious date [astrology]. There are few lucky dates for tv premiere as per numerology detailed concepts.


    Season 3 Satyamev jayate air date is oct 2, 2014. Again, the premiere date is not perfect. This lucky/unlucky air dates concept extends to movie tv premiere too, in fact those are more costly affair, isn’t it?

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