How To Attract Women And Sex – Numerology

  • How To Attract Women
  • How To Attract Women

    It is quite funny that millions of men everday search this infamous phrase in Google – ‘How To Attract Women’.Several books have been written on this topic and precious money have been wasted on them.

    Whether you are a man or a woman,it will only please you when the opposite sex gets attracted towards you.The numerology for this is quite simple – 37 and 33.

    In general, numbers 5 and 6 attract opposite sex as well as real sex.They fall under hot and sizzling ones.Then there is are 8 and 4 which – the dark and exploitive sex numbers.

    It is more effective in case your ,destiny,name number or astrological month falls under 5 or 6. Even birth days shows its effect to some extent.

    Astrological months of number 5 – June 20 – july 20 and september 20 – october 20 – i have intentionally avoided the cusp days.

    Astrological months of number 6 – April 28 – may 27 and september 20 – oct 20.

    But the name or destiny numbers in 37 and 38 are special. High voltage of sexual energy will be flowing inside such persons’ mind and body all the time.

    It always get reflected on their face and body language and the opposite sex gets attracted towards them. Such persons gets the sexual pleasures in ample quantity throughout their life,provided their name or destiny numbers are not completely unfavorable.

    There are chances of multiple marriages than mere sex in case of number 33.Best examples are bollywood celebrities Dharmendra and his daughter Esha deol,Author Shobhaa de.

    Actor Salman khan has a destiny number in 33,he had had affairs with many beautiful actresses of bollywood.If he hadnt a name number in 30 / 3 with component 17 ,he is the best candidate for multiple marriages.

    Such numbers are obviously a boon for men ,but a curse for woman in the society.Girls affected by ‘Sex numbers’ becomes the victim of men who greed for sex and not for marriage.

    You might have heard about Air Hostess Geetika Sharma suicide case in news. She committed suicide because of Gopal goyal kanda.

    The police and media is still guessing- did gopal kanda sexually exploit geetika sharma ? Definately yes, Gopal Goyal Kanda name adds = 22 + 15 + 13 = exploitive 40 .And Geetika sharma name added to 21 + 16 = 37 !

  • 3 thoughts on “How To Attract Women And Sex – Numerology

    1. My Birth Date : 28 04 1976 = 37 = 10 = 1

      I am perfect as per your article Numerology Attract womens to have sex ?

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