How to Avoid Sexual Crimes – Rapes And Harassement

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  • Jessica Lal murder case
  • Jessica Lal murder case

    Numbers 5,6 and 8 are more than often involved in sexual crimes – in the form of date or destiny number of crime , numerology of the criminal and/or the victims themselves.

    Such numbers promote sex and when afflicted -it leads to sexual crimes. venus stands for -6,mercury -5 ,saturn – 8 and are afflicted if there are 4’s or 8’s in the persons birth numbers in excess.

    For example,persons born on 4 or 8 series dates in the periods of 5 or 6 . Persons born on 5,6,with name number or components in 4 or 8.

    Girls should avoid dates with guys or stay outside at night on dates or destiny number 5 and 6,4 and 8.There are high chances of illegal sexual unions,rapes and murders on such dates.

    Paul Homolka Rape case-

    Paul Kenneth Bernardo -the infamous Canadian serial killer and rapist was born on 27 aug,1964. Birth number 9,month period 5 and name components – 18 + 31 + 28 = 77 = 5 again !

    Karla Homolka ,his wife,raped her own sister.Karla was born on 4 May 1970 .Again date 4 and month period of 6.The name Karla Homolka adds to 9 + 29 = 38 !

    The incident happened on dec 24,1990 …… the date in 6 series.

    Paul admitted that he had developed dark sexual fantasies, enjoyed humiliating women in public and beating up the women he dated.

    Aarushi Talwar double murder case –

    She was exploited and murdered on 15 May 2008 … and month period in 6 !

    Murder of Jessica Lal

    Jessica added to 17 Lal – 7 total = 24 i.e. 6 .24 has been afflicted by 17 in this case.Further,she was born on 5 jan- date 5,month period 8 !

    She was harassed and murder on 30 April 1999 – again month period 6 and destiny 35 / 8 !

    Examples are many to prove the above fact that numbers sexual crimes and numbers 5,6 and 8 [ when afflicted ] are highly inter-related !

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