Learn The Best Way To Balance Your Name Components !

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    If you are a movie maker / director / song writer – creating the movie title or that of the song is of utmost importance. Designing names in lucky numbers can single handedly attract millions and popularize the whole film without much effort.

    First of all, when you are generating names from letters, the title should be not more than 2 words. The reason behind this is – we count numbers till 2 digits only and the maximum number stands 96.

    It is a kind of balancing equation where perfect balance of name components is achieved only when we have maximum two words. Creating names from two names [I mean to say creating film title from two words] has a powerful effect.

    The trick is to consider the two words as two digits – unit and ten digit and match its number with the digits of the final number [as said, a kind of balancing equation in chemistry].

    We will take the example of Amitabh bachchan’s famous ‘Rang Barse’ son . It name number adds to Rang 11 + Barse 13 = 24 or 6 – the mass appeal filmy number.

    Now Rang individually adds to 2 and Barse to 4 .If we place it side by side position we will get a 24 ! This is called the perfect matching of name components with final name. It gives the best results.

    The method can be applied in naming your baby as well, then it will maximize its good effects. If the name number is bad, such matching will increase its bad effect many times more. There are many baby name generators, the point must be followed strictly – first name and surname serve as the two parts.

    Example – Geetika sharma suicide case – her name components were Geetika 21 or 3 and Sharma 16 or 7 .Final number = 37 and if we place the component values side by side we get 37 !

    The name of the person whom Bigg boss 6 contestant Navjot singh sidhu killed was Gurnam singh.

    Gurnam adds to 21 or 3 and singh 17 or 8,total = unlucky number 38. If we place the component numbers side by side we get 3 8 !

    UPDATE– Few of the recent bollywood films like R Rajkumar and Ek Villain used our tips for movie title designing. On our suggestions, they created titles in balanced design and earned more than expected.

    R Rajkumar

    2    19                 = 21


    Ek Villain

    7     20             = 27


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