Emraan Hashmi’ Rush Movie Box Office Predictions

  • rush movie hot still
  • rush movie hot still

    2012 has proved lucky for bollywood actor emraan hashmi – his 2 releases Jannat 2 and Raaz 3 were good hits at box office and now his upcoming film Rush is nearing its release – will it be a hit or a flop ?

    Rush seems to be a favorite movie title among film maker – so many films with the same name had been made in hollywood and there is yet another to release in 2013.

    Well,the hindi version Rush,starring Emraan Hashmi will be releasing on changed date 26 oct,2012. The release date adds to 8 and its destiny number in 14 or 5.

    The destiny number of the actor also adds to 8 which is the main puch in this case.Also,the month period is 6.

    Rush comes under the name number 16,which is excellent for crime thrillers. Further,it adds to 7.The name number of the actor in 37 or 1 has good compatibility with movie name number and destiny of release date – 5.

    Rush will do great business at box office,the collection reports will be good once again.The movie will increase the fame of Emraan hashmi to next level.

    16 has a 6 in it which represents venus- the planet of love and sex,1 represented by sun would make it all the more fierce……

    Its lead actress Sagarika ghatke has name number in 35 or 8,born on 8 jan,1986.Her date adds to 8,period is 8 and destiny number 33 – the sex number.She would simply rock tomorrow !

    Tomorrow is influenced by sex numbers in overdose – date 8,month 6,friday i.e 6, and destiny in 5.The chemistry between Emraan and Sagarika will be worth watching,there will be sizzling hot kissing and sex scenes yet again !

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