Aashka Goradia Change Name For Fashion!

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  • aashka goradia now in bigg boss
  • aashka goradia fashion

    Tv artiste Aashka Goradia -one of the contestants of Bigg boss 6 had once expressed her heart’s desire to enter the fashion world and reach a good position.Well, she can do it with a slight name change. In fact her name, already is number 5 [which represents fashion, models and modelling].

    This beautiful actress has her name Aashka in number 13 which is not lucky and Goradia in wealth and luck number 19,total adding to 13 + 19 = 32. [actress born on 5].

    As per records,she was born on 27 nov,1985 – date 9 ,month period is the cusp of 9 and 3 and if the age is correct,her destiny number adds to 34 i.e. 7.

    Destiny 7 supports profession related with media,acting and fashion industry.It is not lucky in itself but can give good results if the person’s name number is in 3 or 6. Number 7 creates marriage,divorce problems.

    Further,name number in 32/5 and destiny 7 can create child conception problems as well. But,her changed name Aashika would be quite safe as despite being in 5 series, name number 14 is full potent.

    It is good to hear news of her- she is in tv series maharana pratap sony, get rich with aashka gujrati. Personally, I liked her ‘laagi tujhse lagan’ role and various model portfolio photos. Also few facts that I heard about her from someone.

    My suggestion for her birth day would be an auspicious change name or else select enter into new projects, modelling film tv assignments on dates most suitable in her case.

    Name change consultation @ Rs 6 lac

  • One thought on “Aashka Goradia Change Name For Fashion!

    1. My dob 10-5-1985 …day no. 10 destiny 38…and name ir 10+17=27… Plz help in changing name…i dont have money but can give u blessings.

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