Ajab Gazabb Love Will Change The Destiny Of Jackky Bhagnani !

  • Ajab Gazabb Love hot Stills
  • Ajab Gazabb Love hot Stills

    With the changed release date,the upcoming film Ajab Gazabb Love will change the destiny of Jackky bhagnani- the lead hero of the film.

    The name number of the movie ‘Ajab Gazabb Love’ adds to 5 + 16 + 21 = lucky 42 or 6 – the sexy entertainment number.The hero is even more sexy ,his name number adds to Jackky – 10 plus bhagnani – 23 = 33 / 6 !

    In this context,i would like you to have a deeper insight of the strength of this actor’s numbers.If the records are correct,he was born on 25 dec ,1984.

    His birth number stands in the second best of 7 series – 25,the first one being 16.He is born on the cusp of 3 and 8 much similar to Salman khan.

    This 8 will be of special importance for him because the period dec 20- jan 27 stands for the powerful portion of saturn.It can make any actor and his few films mega hits and the rest films -flops.

    Further,the destiny number of the actor adds to brilliant dancer’s and mass appeal number 32. Girls will fell flat seeing the body of such persons – they have perfect slim body and great dancing talents.

    The release date of Ajab gazabb love has been postponed from 24 oct to 26. Now,26 adds to 8 and it can bring him immense lucky.The destiny number of the release date adds to 14 or 5 which perfectly matches with the actor’s destiny number.

    Besides that,the movie name number in 42 is highly compatible with destiny 5. Now that mercury has gone distant from saturn to another rashi – the date 8 with destiny 5 should bring excellent box office collections.

    I hardly consider the age of the actor,but it is important this time. Jackky is in his 28th year which adds to 1 . 1 is extremely lucky for numbers 5 and 6 – his name is in 6 and destiny in 5.

    Again,since the movie has a component 21 or 3 in it,you can expect hot scenes in the movie.After all,Jackky wont be using his eight pack abs only for flaunting purpose !

    Generally,persons affected by 3 and 5 are good at comedy – actors Abhishek bachchan and Aamir khan have such numerology.Jackky too has such talents because of his birth period 3 and destiny 5.The new film is a rom com – the one he would be best at !

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