Bidushi Dash Murder Case – Numerological Insight

  • bidushi dash case latest
  • bidushi dash case latest

    Today chennai model Bidushi dash barde was found dead in her apartment,she had been brutally murdered yesterday. Did the sister Bishakha kill her ?

    I am not aware of the birth days or other thing,but their names are clearly suggesting something -read ahead -its interesting.

    Yesterday was 23 oct 2012 – date adds to 5 and its destiny 2+3+1+0+2+0+1+2 = killer number 11 ! Now,the name numerology of the sisters – bidushi and bishakha.

    Bidushi – 22 or 4

    Dash – 13 or 4

    Barde – 14 or 5

    Total – 49 or 4

    The name before marriage name was simply Bidushi dash – 22 plus 13 = 35 – the fatal number 8.But,in this murder case since the master number 11 is involved ,our guess would give results best with her Bishushi name in 22.

    Her sister’s name –

    Bishakha – 20

    Dash – 13

    Total – 33 – the hardcore number of sex and jealousy.

    Bidushi has her name number in 22 or 4 and Bishakha in 20. 4 stands for rahu and 2 stands for moon,there is enemity between 4 and 2, 2 kills 4.

    Further,on destiny number 11, only number 20 can survive best – it can be all powerful to kill a number 22 person – reason may be an illegal love affair.

    Its only based on numerology – truth may be something quite different.

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