Numerology Of Beautiful Actresses – Beauty Numbers

  • Female beauty is primarily affected by the astrological month she is born in,which cn be modified by a good name number.

    Best astrological months generating beauty for female child are – strong 5 and 6,ie april 28- june 20 and less strong 5 and 6 period – aug 28 -oct 20.

    Then comes birth dates of which 5,6,7 are beauty genrating.But the name number and destiny numbers have the final and most powerful effect on the beauty of the person.

    Actresses born on 7 series – 7,16,25 are the favourites of men. Even name number in 7 has the same effect.

    Best examples are -Hema malini ,Karisma kapoor ,Katrina kaif,Anushka shetty,vidya balan and many others !

    If born on 5 series the actress has an attractive face -waheeda rehman,kajol.

    With a name number in 5,the actress has a bit broad or heavy,very fair and higly attractive face.

    Madhubala,Parveen babi,Madhuri dixit, Anushka sharma,Anushka shetty,Parineeti Chopra. Astrological month 5 has the similar effect.

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