Actress Mandakini And Her Famous Breastfeeding Scene

  • The numerology of actress Mandakini breastfeeding scene in Raj kapoor’s Ram teri ganga maili is quite interesting – the way she shot to fame and her disappearance from bollywood within few years- read ahead.

    Mandakini’s wiki biography reveals that she was born on 30 July 1969 – date 3 ,month period 2 and destiny 35.

    The name ‘Mandakini’ adds to  4+1+5+4+1+2+1+5+1 =   24  i.e. 6 – again the number representing popularity,sex and nudism.

    Persons affected by 3 should not have their name in 6,it will disgrace their name.She earned quick fame by doing nude and sex scenes in the film.

    Further she earned bad name for her connections with underworld Dawood Ibrahim.She had to face disgrace due to leakage of their photos.

    Her destiny in number 35 or 8 too contributed in her bold scenes,but put an end to her career.She could survive in the film industry for long.

    Now,let come back to her famous without clothes,braless scenes in that particular film.She did so many hot scenes in the film – bathing , sex ,breast feeding and other – purely the effect of name number in 6.

    From this year, we can post photos of breastfeeding on facebook [as per new laws]. But, in those eras, it was quite bold to show photos showing woman’s nipples [the other women in the scene had shown it too]. It was almost a pleasant shock to see how the actress breasfeds her child in train.

    The film’s name ‘Ram teri ganga maili’ too adds to number 6 ….7+12+13+10 = 42 or 6 again. Name number 42 could make anyone / anything famous overnight,the in inclusion of ‘t’ intensified its sexy nature. It is the first indian film to show actress breastfeeding onscreen.

    Of course, it is not a big thing in hollywood. We see the news of hollywood actress breastfeeding in public. All these boldness has a specific cause- numerology of number 5 and 6.


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