Why Did RGV’ Bhoot Returns Fail At Box Office ?

  • Quite recently,film maker Ram gopal varma named his ‘Bhoot’ sequel as Bhoot returns.Every thing was good about it – the numbers of the director,actress manisha koirala ,release date and its destiny – but it flopped.

    None of the numerologists could guess why it failed at box office.I give more preference to public liking of a movie than huge money for a poor film like Ra.one.

    Bhoot was a hit – it adds to name number 25 or 7,which was compatible with RGV’s birth and destiny numbers,Ajay devgn and Urmila’s numbers.

    Now,the new sequel had a Return word added to it.’Returns’ adds to 2+5+4+6+2+5+3 = 27 ,so the final name number became 25 plus 27 = 52 or a 7,yet it failed !

    We know that ‘T’ means number 4 in numerology and in this case there are 2 ts which adds to 8 and gives results similar to ‘P’ in any name.

    Earlier,i had written than ‘P’ in your name can take you to great heights suddenly.But,the same P destroys a name number in 5. TT has the same effect and that too on any name number which has a 5 in it.

    The name number of ‘bhoot returns’ is 52 ,there is the 5 and TT killed its goodness,public didnt like it..Even,the film flopped at the box office.

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