Abhishek Bachchan Has Serious Name Defects – Change It Soon !

  • abhishek in guru movie
  • abhishek in guru movie

    Its a crime to carry the unlucky name number 49 and bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan is doing it.His destiny number in 3 indicates a superb career,but he has a name number in 49 killing his luck everytime !

    Celebrities,these days,are ever ready to make a name change.Why AB is not opting for a suitable lucky spelling change,Why his father or wife or friends are not suggesting this is hard to understand.

    If his birth records are correct, his birth date is 5 feb ,1976 .His day adds to 5,astrological period is of 8 or weak saturn.His destiny number adds to brilliant 30 or 3 !

    Read this part very carefully – the weak saturn period Jan 28 – feb 27 is often highly unlucky.Most of the numerologists fail to give importance to this point.They simply give predictions based on his birth date and destiny.

    You should memorize it that if anyone is born in this weak saturn’s period – Jan 28 – feb 27,his birth number will hardly show its real nature.

    Number 5 persons are generally very fluent in dialogue delivery,has a shapely body,have mass appeal.But,our AB lacks these things – saturn has afflicted his mercury and devestated it to a large extent.

    One more important point which hardly any modern numerologists pay heed to – Persons born on period of weak 8 should never have his name number in 4, 8 and 4 combination supresses or kills the luck of that person without fail.

    You work hard,you might have good acting talents inside you,but a name number in 4 and especially this 8 and 4 combination will make your exterior projection dull.

    Third defect in his name – persons affected by number 3 [his destiny number is in 3] should not have a name or name components in number 6 series.

    His first name Abhishek adds to 24 or 6 ! With all these major defects,how could we blame him for not delivering hit movies or acting well as his counterparts ?

    His destiny number in 30 or 3 has high potential to take him to number 1 spot in any film industry,provided he opts for a name change in 3 series somehow….

    His Juipiter,represented by number 3 ,is so strong that it indicates a solid acting career even in hollywood film industry…..he must change his name without delay,age is passing on.

    NAME CHANGE SUGGESTION – I would suggest his name change to Abhishiek Bachchan– we have to simply add an ‘i’ after ‘h’ in his first name,then it will add to number 25.Total would add to 25 + 25 = 50 – it is his lucky number and it is perfect for destiny number 30.

    Its inner meaning number would become extremely powerful – it will add to 25 25 = 7 7 or 77.Number 77 is extremely powerful number and it can produce amazing results with destiny number in 30 or 3.3,5 and 7 combination is one of the best combination in numerology.

    Movie name suggestions-

    His numerology suggests that he can excel in the roles of police,hardcore villain etc. Dhoom adds to 27 and its sequels in risky numbers for him.

    His movies should be named only in 1,3,4,5 or 8,Never in 2 or 6. He can flourish like James bond with a movie name -C.I.D.

    CID adds to pure number 8 and its sequels too would add to his lucky numbers till 6 sequels. cid,cid-1,cid-2,cid-3,cid-4,cid-5,cid-6 .

    Number 3 and 5 persons have a superb touch in comedy and unconventional actions….he should attempt it everytime.They are not made for dull romantic movies,they are suitable for well scripted action or comedy movies.

  • 9 thoughts on “Abhishek Bachchan Has Serious Name Defects – Change It Soon !

    1. ABHISHIEK BACHCHAN name num 50,matrix num 81, (9 and 5) in the name put him in accidents or skin diseases.becoz 9 is fire and 5 is mercury,mercury will burn in fire and become ash.so ur prediction is wrong.

        • SACHIN THENDULKAR name num 55,pyramid num 84.,55 gives him success on circket.55 will reduce enemies energy and cure AIDS ,84 gives him worries and makes him spritual.he oftenly visits siddi vinayak temple and puttaparti saibaba
          18 and 32 in his name gives skin disease but that part is reduced by num total 55,he oftenly feels small itchng using innerwears..18 is fire and 32 is mercury combine together and reduces his hight.he become shorter becoz of 18 added to 32

        • Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela

          is being now used /shown instead of original name. Why and how, i dont know… but it adds to 77… the number i recommended for my client…..

          and it is earning well… [50 cr in 3 days…] [though i doubt whether it is truth or not?]……..still…working it seems….. final result is main…

    2. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela..name num 78 and py num 21.
      it gives more money to producer ,Money will come seeking them becoz of 78(6).21(3) gives unexpected victory than his neighbours.since 78 (sukra)& 21(guru) mingled together.these film will face very serious allegations in the future

      • oops… then not good… unlucky. thats why its viewership has fallen drastically by more than 50 percent. I was thinking how 77 could result in 50 percent drop… ? now, i know..its 78….

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