Why Did Akki Choose The Unlucky Title Khiladi 786 ?

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  • khiladi 786 numerological predictions
  • khiladi 786 numerological predictions

    The title of the upcoming film of Akshay kumar Khiladi 786 has a bad numerology.Why did the makers choose such a weak title ?

    I agree, Akki has been successful in khiladi series. The word Khiladi adds to 17 and it has its own potency.But,not all of his films with khiladi had been a success.

    The film ‘Khiladi 786’ has an unlucky title – it has a name number in 38 – the evil number. Khiladi adds to 17 and 786 adds to 21 ,total being 17 + 21 = 38.

    Name number in 38 is highly unlucky,it kills success,detoriates income. Further,it adds to 11 which is even more bad.One cant expect even an average Box office collections.

    The hidden meaning number of the title i 83 ,one school of thought say it is good.But,i dont think so- i feel that it is as bad as 38 itself.

    Its a different matter that number 6 can nullify the bad effects of 38 or 11 to some extent. The release date of the film is 7 dec,2012 which has a destiny number in 6.

    The release date of Khiladi 786 – 7 dec 2012 has a day number in 7, month period 3 and destiny adding to 7+1+2+2+0+1+2= 15 or 6.

    It has its own defects- the month is 3 and destiny 6, 3 and 6 combination leads to downfall of a movie.

    Singer Himesh reshammiya is associated with the film in the form of writer ,music composer and producer.His name,destiny etc is influenced highly by number 5 and number 38 has very weak compatibility with it.

    Again,Akshay kumar himself is highly affected 5 -it is his destiny number.A film title in 38 adding to 11 cant produce best results among his fans or box office.

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