Sherlyn Chopra Is Numerologically Perfect For Kamasutra Movie !

  • sherlyn uncensored Kamasutra

    Actress Sherlyn Chopra naked in KAMASUTRA 3D doing ancient sex scenes uncensored, what else would her fans want? But, how far is she suitable for the film -would she live up to the expectations of the Indians?

    Well,the numerology of Sherly chopra is quite revealing itself.Even going by her name alone – it confirms that she could be surprise her fans with sexy and nude contents,lets check it out.

    Her name Sherlyn adds to 3+5+5+2+3+1+5 = number 24 i.e. the sex number 6. Chopra adds to 3+5+7+8+2+1 = 26 which again has the sex number 6 in it and adds to number 8 – representative of adult darkness.

    Now, Sherlya chopra in total adds to 24 + 26 = 50 – or number 5 – the ultimate number of nudism itself. Girls affected by name number 5 can’t resist the temptation of ‘extra’ exposure [something much beyond the norms of fashion].

    Now, her birth date reveals the final picture which stands in 11 February 1984 as per her biography at wikipedia. There are two striking things – her birth in the period of weak saturn and her day in problamatic number 11.

    The weak period of saturn, Jan 28- feb 20, is represented by 8 – again the dark and exploitative adult world number. Men generally exploit such girls quite early in her age.

    Further, day number in 11 kills the luck for a big part of a person’s life .She entered bollywood with an intention to be an actress but failed in her attempts everytime.It is the combined effect of weak 8 and 11.

    But her name number in 5, with components in 6 and 8, constantly kept her pushing towards nudity and sex -her favorite thing [be it sherlyn chopra twitter nude photos or shockingly cool topless mms talking to a guy]. Then of course her becoming playboy cover girl. [The word playboy adds to 8+3+1+1+2+7+1 = 23 or number 5].

    The success in our mission or in life in general is decided by our destiny number.If the biography statistics of the actress is correct her destiny number adds to 1+1+0+2+1+9+8+4 = 26 or again an 8 !

    Number 26 represents a shocking personality – they go against the norms of family and society,no measures of parenting can prevent them from sex, because the number has 6 in it and adds to number 8.

    The title of her upcoming film – Kamasutra 3D has an interesting numerology – Kamasutra adds to 2+1+4+1+3+6+4+2+1 = 24 – again the sex number 6. 3D adds to 3 + 4 = 7.

    Now, the total adds to 24 plus 7 = 31 – the revolutionary number again. But wait, number 13 proves hardly when it comes as the name number of a movie – it kills income.

    Only the word ‘Kamasutra’ adding to 24 should be used and popularized by the maker of the film, otherwise the film wont have good box office collections.

    Further, number 31 might not work for Sherlyn because the direct matching pair is 62 [Her destiny 26 is in reverse digits!]

    The exact Kamasutra 3d release date will decide the destiny of sherlyn and the film. There are powerful numbers for the film to be used, only if the makers decides to do so.

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