Predictions for Poonam Pandey!

  • Poonam Pandey 24th birthday predictions
  • Poonam Pandey 24th birthday predictions

    Kingfisher calander girl Poonam Pandey is going to make her debut in Bollywood with the erotic movie titled ‘Nasha’.She is an interesting personality for her extreme liking for nudism, what does her numbers say about her future ?

    We know that it is number 5 and 6 which ‘creates’ bold actresses. While numerology of 5 pushes the girl towards body exposure, numerology 6 makes her commit sexy scenes.

    Poonam Pandey was born on 11 march 1991, so her birth day is 11 ,her astrological month stands period of number 3 and her destiny number adds to 1+1+3+1+9+9+1 = 25- good yet, weak number. [25 has the nudism number i.e. 5].

    But many numerologists believe that 2 and 7 combination is great and such persons would gain immense success in acting. Actor Shahrukh khan has such 2 and 7 combination. Though my opinion is that one looses his sharpness in acting with number 7, they become monotonous.

    Now, the name of the model turned actress is even more interesting. Her name Poonam adds to 32 [again 5] and Pandey adds to 24. Final name number adds to 32 + 24 = rare number 56. She has both the numbers!

    If we place the additions of her name components side by side,we get the following result –

    32 24 or

    5 6 = 56 again !

    I had explained in my previous posts that this is the best kind of balance between the name components and the final name and it gives exceptional results for the person.So, she can shock you with her acting talents in Nasha [is the movie title and release lucky?].

    Number 56 is quite unique in the sense that it is made up of the 2 best numbers of numerology – 5 and 6. They represent popularity and success – the essential things for an actress.

    At the same time, both 5 and 6 stands for nudity and sex. Now, this has clearly explained the bold behavior of Poonam Pandey. But, her name is still defective- It has 2 Ps instead of 1.

    Her name Poonam adds to number 32 and P in it is defaming her, denying her success. When,name number 5 gets a by P, such things or persons can get success only by bad means.

    Name number 56 is not so good because it adds to unlucky 11. Number 11 gives delays,sorrows,low wealth,depression and mental disorders. Only numbers 1 or 6 can control number 11 to some extent and her first film’s title ‘Nasha’ adds to number 15 or 6 !

    Number 15 is yet another mass appeal number and interestingly it has the 2 sex and nudity numbers – 5 and 6.The release date and period should be strong,in number 1 or 6.

    Predictions for Poonam Pandey birthday. Now she is in her 24. Will it prove lucky for her career?

    Well, she will have to wait for one more year to see natural success. At present, she could land into affairs and/or controversies because of her age 24. Why?

    Because, her birth month is march representing number 3. For such persons, number 6 series is highly dangerous/gives failure. Her nasha title added to 6, the sole main reason why it failed.

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