1920 : Evil Returns Box Office Predictions

  • 1920 Evil Returns box office today
  • 1920 Evil Returns box office today

    The combination of day number 2 having destiny number in 9 is simply sensational for any movie realease. Shahrukh khan ‘s DDLJ and, last year’s,The dirty picture were released on such 2 and 9 combination.

    Tomorrow is friday and it is- 2 nov ,2012 = 02 / 11 / 2012. Day is 2 and its destiny number is adding to 2+1+1+2+0+1+2 = 9 – the 2 and 9 combination again.Bollywood movie 1920 : Evil Returns will be releasing tomorrow,will it succeed among public / box office ?

    The name number of the movie ‘1920 : Evil Returns’ adds to 12 + 15 + 27 = 54 or 9.In numerology,54 is considered as a good number.But,Prasant numerology says it has serious defects.

    The number 54 has a 4,the movie name has a ‘T’ which is representative of number 4. You should not have a ‘T’ in names which have name numbers ending with 4,example – 4,14,24,34,54,64,74,84,94……It kills the goodness of the name.

    The final number adds to a 9 and it suits well with 2 and 9 to some extent,though movie names in 1 or 6 are best for 29 combo.’T’ would surely prove a deterring factor for this new film of actor Aftab Shivdasani.

    Both the lead actors Aftab shivdasani has many 2s – born on 25 June 1978 -birth in 7,which is considered equal to 2,month period in the cusp of 5 and 2 and destiny number in unlucky 38 which adds to 11 or 2.

    His name adds to 16 plus 30 = 46.The number proves hardly lucky for living things.Further,his name has a ‘F’ in it which is quite unlucy. His inner meaning number is 73.His name has no compatibility with the movie name in 9.

    Its actress Tia Bajpai ,born on May 23, 1988 has a day number in 5 ,month period in the cusp of 5 and 6 ,destiny number adding to 36 or 9. Her name is in sensational number – 6 plus 14 = 20

    Her inner meaning number is 65 – again 11 or 2. But,for 2 persons , date adding to 1 proves lucky and not 2.

    You cant expect a happy married life between persons effected by 2 and another with 9,but you can expect a sizzling hot affair between the two. So,Tia Bajpai could create few sensations with her acting talents and kissing scenes in 1920 : Evil Returns.

    Overall,the ‘T’ in the movie name will prevent it from earning a good name.It will hamper its collection earning capacity at box office to a major extent.The film wont work well as per the high standards of 2 and 9 combination.

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