Filmmakers Should Avoid February Month For Movie Release

  • agneepath 1990 causes of failure
  • agneepath 1990 causes of failure

    Why did Amitabh Bachchan’s 1990 film ‘Agneepath’ crash at box office ?

    Just because the film was released in feb month – 16 feb,1990.Pundits and numerologists miss this serious point while suggesting good release dates to the makers.

    You should be aware ,dear film makers,that there are 2 periods of saturn or number 8 in a year.First is the positive period – Dec 20-jan 27.This can prove prove lucky for actors strongly ruled by saturn like Hrithik.

    The second one is the negative period of Saturn – Jan 20 – feb 27. This is a very dangerous period for one and all – It kills luck and keeps the native in sorrow.You cant earn even average collections in this period.

    It is advisable not to release your precious movie during this period – there are very high chances,almost 95 %,that the movie will flop at box office and be a disaster as far as collections are concerned.

    The original Agneepath was released on 16 feb,1990. Everything was good about it – day number in 7 which is sync with Amitabh’s name number in 43.Destiny number adds to 1,again the destiny number of Bachchan as well.

    Movie name ‘Agneepath’ adds to sensational 37.Thats the reason why,Amitabh bachchan recieved National award for his performance. But,the feb month showed it effect in full- the film was a disaster at box office.

    There are hundreds of other movies,released during the month of feb and most of them had failed badly at box office.Its collections were extremely poor.

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