Numbers Indicating Serious Marriage Related Problems

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  • marriage photos

    We often neglect numbers,but they are always with you -giving you the indications and warnings about your future.Why dont you read them ? You should be well aware of your vital numbers – they give strong indications regarding few serious problems related with your future marriage – YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF BEFOREHAND !

    There are certain numbers in numberology which indicate marriage related problems – seperations,death of spouse,divorce,childlessness,nultiple marriages being the main points.Learn to know it beforehand and let it not happen with you.

    The bad marriage numbers may be in the form of your birth date,month,destiny number or name number. It is the destiny number and your name which shows the ultimate results- others loose hold as your age progresses.Still,they are of importance too.

    Numbers – 15,17,31 and 33 can cause serious problems related with your marriage.Read the following carefully and immediately plan for a name change if you have one or more of these numbers.

    NUMBER 11 – It disturbs married life,causes fights and disharmony between the couples,though it promotes love marriage without any family protests.

    Tv artiste Rajiv Paul,Karan Johar

    NUMBER 15 – In other things,it is one of the best numbers in 6 series. But,it can prevent marriage,lead to multiple marriages and most importantly – childlessness issues.

    Ex- Bollywood actress Rekha,Alia bhatt

    NUMBER 17 -Again,it is a good number for name and fame.But,it delays and often prevents marriage. Seperations,divorce,multiple marriages are the other side possiblities.

    EX- Actor Salman khan,actress Urmila Matondkar

    NUMBER 31 – This is the number of loneliness and anti-social marriages.Chances of marriage are quite high with this number,but you wont get either satisfaction or child with this.

    EX- Actor Saif ali khan,Alia bhatt,Actress Saira Banu,Rani mukerji,Karan Johar,Siddharth Roy Kapur,Ajay Devgn

    NUMBER 33 – It is a very good number.And it is not bad for marriages.It only gives indications that you will gifted with sexual enjoyments and children more than others.Multiple affairs,marriages and extra marutal affairs are common with number 33.

    Ex- Actor Dharmendra and his daughter,Author Shobhaa de

    NUMBER 38 – Same effect as number ,but in greater degree.It can cause delay in marriages as well.

    EX- Rajiv kapoor,Rakesh roshan,Uday chopra

    In general,number 7 persons have to face all of the above marriage related problems.Next comes number 4 and 8. Number 5 persons gets a chance to enjoy multiple partners but in a lavish and happy mood.

    Number 4 celebrities – Urmila Matondkar

    Number 5 celebs – Angelina Jolie

    Number 7 celebrities – Actress Nandita das,Mithun Chakraborty, Karisma Kapoor,karan Johar

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