Kareena’ ‘Fevicol’ Wont Be Able To Beat Malaika’ ‘Zandu Balm’ !

  • Munni Badnaam Hui
  • Munni Badnaam Hui

    UPDATE –

    The song has now been re-titled as ‘Fevicol Se’ which comes under different numerology.

    The changed name adds to 33 + 8 = 41 or 5. Number 5 is a mass appeal number.Further,there is an ‘F’ in it.F stands for number 8 and it magnifies the affect of such numbers which have 4 in them,like 14,24,41,44…..

    Yet,its inner meaning number is 33 8 = 6 8 = 68 which is considered unlucky.Kareena’s Fevicol se should be sensational much similar to ‘Munni Badnaam hui’ – at least the soundtrack.


    In the sequel of salman khan starrer ‘Dabangg’ movie,actress Kareena Kapoor will be performing an item number ‘Fevicol’.

    But,the ‘Fevicol’ wont be able to create an impact similar the naughty number – Munni Badnaam featuring Malaika arora khan.There are two numerological reasons behind it,read ahead..

    In general,letter ‘F’ detoriates the effect of such names. The fevicol adhesive is still doing strong buiness,i think,just because of its extremely good name number in 33 .

    The ‘Fevicol’ word adds to 8+5+6+1+3+7+3 = 33 – the most powerful business number in any field as per numerology. Again,this becomes the second cause as to why it might fail in the new movie.

    Actress Kareena Kapoor would be doing this item song in dabangg 2,and number 33 wont suit her much.She is strongly influenced by number 3 – birth date,name and destiny numbers all are in 3.

    Now,33 adds to number 6 and for number 3 persons,it is highly recommended that they should avoid 6 in every form.In my opinion,’Fevicol’ song doest suit Kareena,though it is the best for Salman khan -his destiny is 6.

    There was only one reason for the failure of her last movie ‘Herione’. Everything was in her favour,the movie name added to number 30,release date was 21 sept.Now, aug 28-sept 20 belongs to period of 6 and the film flopped.

    ‘Munni badnaam Hui’ added to 21 + 18 +12 = 51 or 6. Its performer actress Malaika arora khan and Salman khan have destiny numbers in 6.

    It was released on 6 aug,2010 – again day in number 6.It worked brilliantly for them and Dabangg.

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