Deepika Padukone Has Evil number 38 In Her Name

  • deepika padukone fhm 2012 stills

    Glamour girl / bollywood actress Deepika Padukone still has a shine – it is evident in her latest FHM photoshoot stills.But,her name component in 38 is preventing her from achieving greater heights.

    The actress, born on 5 jan,1986, has day number is 5 [no wonder, she shed cloth so naturally], month period belongs to strong saturn or 8 and her destiny number adds to 30.

    She shares few similarites with actors Abhishek bachchan and Hrithik roshan in the matters of 5 and 8. Persons affected by number 5 and positive period of 8 are often slim and they are excellent in dancing. Abhishek bachchan was born on 5 feb…the negative 8 period!

    When we analyze the name of the actress, Deepika adds to number 26 and Padukone in evil number 38. Number 38, without name change, might suffer from depression and suicidal tendencies!

    Even her first name adds to 26 – one time success number which proves not so lucky later.She made her debut in bollywood with a bang.Her first hindi film ‘Om shanti om’ earned her immense fame and awards.

    But,the number 38 kept her away from reaching greater heights,or stabilize her acting career.Her final name adds to 26 + 38 = 64 which is not in sync with her destiny number in 30.

    Persons with destiny number should not have number 6 in its final name number element,though they can safely have it in name components.Deepika has too much of 6 in her name – in 26 as well 64.

    In such cases,fans dont like their acting too much…in fact they themselves wont be able to act well.She seriously needs a name change.

    Best movie names for her –

    Of course movies adding to name number 3 ,5 and 8.She should strictly avoid number 6 and movie release date in April 20 – may 28 and sept 20- oct 28.

    Lets examine the name number of the films for which she got nominated for best actress award-

    Om shanti om = 11+19+11 = 41 or 5

    Love aaj kal -21+3+6 = 30 !!!

    Her upcoming films are –

    Race 2 = 11 + 2 = 13 or 4

    Chennai express = 25+31 = 56 or 11

    Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani = 11+15+7+27 = 60 or 6

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