Numerology Of Birth Date / Name / Destiny Number 15

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    Predictions for people born on 15 [i.e. having birth date on 15th of any month]

    Number 15 belongs to the lucky 6 series in numerology. It is more of a female number, it has a unique magnetism, it promotes beauty but often prevent marriage / child birth. Cheiro explains number 15 as non – material, but research denies it. It is wealth number and except childbirth problems, it gives every pleasures to you.

    Another point worth noting is that,Cheiro says birth dates should be reduced to a single number i.e. 15 = 1+5 = 6 and it would show the features/ results of other numbers in the 6 series – 6,24 is absolutely wrong.

    In general,birth dates in 6,15,24 would show the general features of number 6, but each date has its own meaning- it should be read without reducing it to a single digit. Numerology 15 meanings are distinct-

    General Physique – Number 15 is a very special number as far as beauty is concerned.There are two beauty numbers in a single number – it has 5 and it adds to 6. Numbers 5 and 6 makes the person beautiful / extremely attractive.Further,number 15 means slim body,size zero breasts – it works best for girls.

    Bollywood actress Rekha’s name number adds to 15 and mahesh bhatt’s daughter Alia bhatt is influenced by 15 two times – her birth date is on 15th and Alia name adds to 15 – no wonder she has become everybody’s favourite with her debut film – ‘Student of the year’.

    Nature – They are beautiful themselves and they would like like beautiful things -living or non living.It is the general feature of number 6.They like  pleasures of all kind – music,songs,film,movies,late night parties,wine,drug,sex etc,but not addicted to them.They are soft spoken,kind and helpful.

    Education – They get proper education,even higher education.

    Wealth – They will be wealthy .They have expensive well decorated home.They attract money by their charm rather than laborious works.

    Career – Anything and everything related with the projection / use of their beauty- acting,porn business,call girls or nothing – simply a housewife.

    Interest in sex and nudity – Absolutely YES,they have both 5 and 6 – the sex and nudity numbers .It would show double effect.Actress wont mind at all doing nudes /sex / kissing scenes in the movie. Common girls would dress up the bold way !

    Marriage and Children – This section is highly important. Persons with number 15 would remain poor in the matters of marriage and children.Unless,their other numbers provide a remedy – they will remain unmarried or face seperations due to death of partner and they wont have any children.

    The reason behind childnessness has already been explained previously. It might seem that since 15 adds to 6 and 6 number promotes marriage and children without fail is the major mistake made by Cheiro.15 has a different meaning.

    It has a 5 in it and most of the numbers which have 5 at the unit place face child concenption problems – such numbers show the behaviour of number 5 in this matter.

    My advise would be that – devise your baby girl’s in such a manner that the final name number doesnt add to a 15. 15 as a name component is mostly good – but the final number of the full name should add to a potent number.

    Hidden secrets – They doesnt have any such secrets.

    Celebrities with Birth date number 15 – Bollywood actress  ,Alia bhatt,Anna Hazare,Scientist A P J Abdul Kalam.

    Celebrities with number number 15 – Rekha.

    Destiny number in 15 is quite unlikely as the sum total of a person’s birth date including month and year cant add to such a low total.

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