‘Kaka’ Name Tarnished The Image Of Rajesh Khanna !

  • Rajesh khanna and Anita advani case 2012
  • Rajesh khanna and Anita advani case 2012

    We honour our favorite celebrities with special / Pet names without thinking about its effect on the person and its consequences.Every Name has a certain meaning and behavioral effect,beware of that.

    Rajesh Khanna ,born on 29 dec ,1942 has a day number in 2 ,month period – positive saturn or number 8 and destiny adding to 2+9+1+2+1+9+4+2 = 30

    His name added to Rajesh = 17 and Khanna = 19 ,total being 36. His rajesh name in 17 was the cause of his immense fame in movies and at the same time – cause of seperation in marriage.

    Name number in 17 gives you immense name and fame in your profession,Salman and Dilip names come under number 17 and there lies the secret of the immense fame of Salman khan and Dilip Kumar.

    But,number 17 is not good at all for other matters- it delays marriage,leads to separations and increases your interest in bad sex.Its well known Dilip kumar married twice.

    The real problem for Rajesh khanna began when fans began to call him ‘Kaka’. Kaka name adds to pure 6 – no other elements. It makes you popular,highly wealthy and SEXY !

    Now,he had two sexy numbers in his armour – 17 /8 and 6 and with all these one becomes desperate to have a partner.Even this might not defame a person,then how did his name defame ?

    The secret lies in his destiny number in 30,a person with destiny number in 3 should not have a name number in 6 and public had already thronNed him with such a name ‘Kaka’ – how could he escape !

    He started the infamous live in relationship with the latest lady Anita Advani…. Its not a surprise that her name adds to 12 + 18 = 30 – his destiny number itself !

    Having a name component in 18 leads to fights and legal cases – she has already filed a case against the family of Rajesh Khanna demanding a maintainence charge of Rs 10 lakh /per month and Rs 50 crore to buy a new house.

    Thats why i keep on warning you,be cautious of name number meaning. Dont call your near ones / favourite persons by anything of your liking…it might ruin their fate.

    Similar is the case with Ram gopal varma,public and media write his name in short form to save time as RGV .Now,RGV adds to the bad unlucky number 11.

    We call Rajinikanth as simply Rajini which again adds to 11,this number has the meaning of mental worries,failures,loss of money,ill health related with mind. Rajinikanth is not getting success these days as a producer – 11 is the cause.

    Name number 11 gives you fame,but it proves unlucky for the person. Wrapping up,i repeat,Its the ‘Kaka’ Name which Tarnished The Image Of Rajesh Khanna ! ‘

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