Dabangg 2 Songs Would Be Weak – Numerological Predictions

  • dabangg 2 songs
  • dabangg 2 songs

    UPDATE –

    The Dabangg 2 songs album became available to the audience not on 15th,but from 16 nov.So,the previous predictions wont apply anymore.

    The new date has a day number in 7 and destiny number in 5 – both are considered excellent for number 3 – Dabangg 2 title adds to name number 21 or 3.Besides that,its a friday – day of number 6 which matches with the destiny number of Salman khan in 33 or 6.

    It will be liked and downloaded in heavy numbers.But,Day number 7 is unsuitable for business,so the sale of its music cds etc wont be great.

    Previous prediction based on 15 nov-

    The songs of upcoming film Dabangg 2 is going to be released on 15 nov,2012. According to Prasant Numerology,the album wont be quite effective – it could even fail badly.

    The base of the above predictions lies in the release date of the Dabangg 2 songs – it has nothing to do with the honest efforts related with its music composers or its singer or Salman Khan himself.

    The release date has a day number in 15 or 6 and its a thursday or day of number 3. Salman khan ‘s destiny number is 33 /6 and for 6 number persons ,number thursday is not the best.

    The movie title Dabangg 2 itself adds to number which could create bad names for salman khan.Now,day of its music or audio release is 6,month 9 and destiny in 13 /4 .

    It is written in old scriptures that 3,6 and 9 form a series,but in actual,3 and 6 combination fails more than often. Its the destiny number which could save a movie,in this case it is bad as well.

    You might point out that Dabangg was released on sept 10,2010 – it had a destiny number in 13 yet it was a blockbuster.But,there are few differences between the first movie and this second one.

    ‘Dabangg’ title adds to 19 or 1 ,september is the period of 5.In such periods,movies in name number 5 gives exceptional success.5 and 1 combination is another sizzling combination after 2 and 9.

    Further,numbers 1,2,4 and 7 form a series and the release date had most of the elements in it – movie name and day in number 1 ,destiny in number 4 – so it created history.

    In the latest case,the title ‘Dabangg 2’ adds to 21 ,still more its inner meaning number 12 have no compatibility with the destiny number 13 /4 of its audio release date .It would be highly unsuccessful – except fans,others wont take interest in downloading its songs….


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