We Can Know Who Are Cheat Lovers !

  • Shahid kapoor numerology 46
  • Shahid kapoor numerology 46

    Women,more than often,fall in the trap of cheaters – the flirts who ditch them sooner or later.We have heard so many cases of  girls being abused/killed by their lovers.It is quite simple to avoid such bad incidents,simply follow the rules of Numerology.

    In numerology,there certain number which are indicative of interest in multiple partners,if your lover has such numbers in his name or destiny number ……leave him without any delay…. today !

    In general, numbers 5 explains the category of ‘Flirts’ the best.Persons influenced by number 5 will like nudity,sex and will take immense interest in multiplying their partner’s count throughout their life.

    Number 5 can be in the form of birth date total,name numbers in 5,23,32,50,59….   .Still more pronounced is the influence of birth month 5 – May 20- june 28 and Aug 20- sept 28. Then comes the destiny numbers in 5 series.

    Again,number 6 afflicted by 4 or 8 can be cheap persons – they are interested in sex and only sex – they dont want your love – its just a fake emotion for them.

    Number under 6 series which are in the most  sexy form are numbers 24 and 33,even other numbers – 6,15,42,51…can be a threat for you.Avoid persons born on April 20-may 28 and sept 20 – oct 28 ,especially those born on 4th or 8th.

    It is the name number and destiny number in 33 which are to be avoided. They need multiple partners even if they like you.They generally marry twice in their life and go after beautiful women all the time.

    Here,a word of caution for men too.Its not the men who are always bad – girls/women with destiny number in 6 series,especially 33 are bad in character.They often have sexual relationships with multiple partners/marry twice / take interest in extra -marital affairs.

    I wont recommend to leave such girls – simply change their names in good name series ,they would then honestly love you and remain with you only.

    Then there Numbers 4 and 8 – such persons secretly like sex and multiple partners. Most of the call girls come under this category and then 5 and afflicted 6.

    There is no month period of 4, persons with birth dates in 13 and 22 are to be avoided.Persons with destiny number in 31 are always to be avoided – they would not find happiness with their partners – will keep on searching for the new.Name numbers in 4,13,22,31,40,49……..   are not to be trusted.

    Persons affected by number 8 are generally criminal minded – the word ‘sexual abuse’ is often related with it. Periods of 8 are Dec 20-jan 28 and Jan 20-feb 28.

    Men born under the influence of number 8 are the abusers and girls born with 8 becomes the victim.Girls affected by number 8 in birth date,month period ,name number or destiny number often becomes victim of sex…..prone to become prostitutes with or without their will.

    So,its better for girls to avoid men influenced by number 8.

    Special Casanova Numbers – These numbers are simply excellent SEXERS -they chase opposite sex for affairs/ sex every day /every minute…  name / destiny numbers in 37 and 46. To some extent number 28 also.Strictly avoid them….. !

    Bollywood actor Shahid kapoor,born on feb 25 ,1981 serves as the best example though he hasnt physically harmed any girl. His month period is 8,name number in 19 + 27 = 46 and destiny number in 2+5+0+2+1+9+8+1 = 28 !

    Avoid such persons unless you are yourself influenced by such numbers.Then,both of you could be highly compatible with other – your partner will settle his future with you.

    Its a pity that girls dont even attempt to love a poor or handicapped person and marry him…,instead they are always ready to be used by men with evil desires in the name of love !

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