Numerology Explains Pinki Pramanik Rape Case

  • Pinki Pramanki Anamika Acharya rape case insight
  • Pinki Pramanki Anamika Acharya rape case insight

    The latest news headline reads -‘Former athlete Pinki Pramanik charged with rape.It has been medically proved that he is not a girl,but a male.Pinki was accused by her live-in partner Anamika Acharya of being a male who raped her’.

    Well numerology never fails and it hasnt in this case either. Pinki Pramanik ‘s name adds to 17 + 24 = 41.Doesnt it explain most of the things – he has 3 sex numbers in his name – 8,6 and 5.

    Further number 8 represents sex in bad form.In general,number 17 means good natured person,but with a P in it,it becomes evil because P itself is an 8.Numbers 24 and 41 ,in general represents love sex and nudism.

    Now,the turn of the real girl – Anamika Acharya. Her name adds to Anamika = 15 or 6 and Acharya = 14 or 5.Total adding to 15 + 14 = 29.

    She has the strong sex numbers in her name herself – 5 and 6.Her inner meaning number is 15 14 = 6 5 = 65.It represents dis-satisfaction with sex partner and hunt for other ones.

    Pinki Pramanik was born on 10 april ,1986. His day is in 1 ,month period in positive 9 and destiny number in 1+0+0+4+1+9+8+6 = 29 – the name of the girl herself.

    For those who dont know,persons with destiny number 29 are often EXTRA ‘Bold in romance’.Further,being born in the month period of 9 -such persons are generally quite agressive while lovemaking.

    They can rape the opposite sex .Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has a destiny number 29.But, it is unlikely that they would torture a girl with the same number 29.

    The numbers do point out that both were in live in relationship – but not without the girl’s full consent.

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