Work Out A Changed Release Date For Race 2 Movie !

  • race 2 movie hot stills
  • race 2 movie hot stills

    We have liked Saif Ali khan’s Race movie,now its hot sequel film is ready for release.In the interest of the actor,and action movies lovers,i warn the makers to avoid the scheduled release date – it would prove unlucky.

    Race 2 movie is simply going to be highly sensational and hot because its title is in good numerology.The movie name ‘Race 2’ adds to 2+1+3+5 + 2 = 11 + 2 = 13.It is the outer number -it is not so good.

    But,its inner meaning number is 11 2 = 2 2 or 22 – which is highly highly powerful- Indian criceter / captain ‘Dhoni’ and actor Aaamir Khan’s name adds to 22,the famous ‘Golmaal’ series of Ajay devgn adds to 22 and they rocking !

    The problem lies with the release date of the movie – 25 jan,2013. In this case,the first thing which struck me is it month period – it is the cusp of Positive and negative period of saturn or 8.

    Saif Ali khan- the hero of the film,has his name number in 31.So,’Race 2′ title in 13 would be good for him.Further,for the number 4 persions – period of positive 8 proves highly lucky.

    Why is Aamir khan getting repeated success with christmas or dec 25 releases – Ghajini and 3 idiots.Simply because Dec 20- Jan 20 is the period of positive 8.Aamir khan name adds to 9 + 13 =22 or 4. The month period of positive 8 proved extremely lucky for him.

    But,Race 2 release date falls on jan 25 ,Jan 20 – feb 20-27 is the period of weak/negative saturn 8.It is considered the most unlucky period to be born in,same applies for movie releases.The release date of Race 2 should be preponed to fall in the postive 8 period.

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