Aiysha Saagar Topless Photoshoot Numerology

  • Aiysha sagar goes topless nude in latest photoshoot
  • Aiysha sagar goes topless nude in latest photoshoot

    Indo-Australian singer Aiysha Saagar shocked the nation by posing topless in the guise of body paint.Numerology comes here also,as to why she like nudism ?

    This girl was born on 6 jan,1980 – her day number in 6 itself reveals everything.I have explained you that numbers 5 and 6 promotes nudism and sex,especially so when afflicted by 4 or 8.

    In this case,she was born between Dec 21 -Jan 20 – the positive period of saturn or 8.So,she has a the number 6,afflicted by 8,in her armour and that encouraged her to pose topless for the controversial photoshoot.

    If her wiki biography is correct,her destiny number adds to 6+0+1+1+9+8+0 = 25 which is not of so much significance in this context except that again it has a 5 in it.No wonder,she did such a photo shoot !

    Now,her name Aiysha Saagar adds to 12 + 11 = 23 – haha again number 5 and wait,there is more ! Her inner meaning number adds to 12 11 = 3 2 = 32 – the mass appeal number – hence she became famous by her nude act.

    Its interesting fact that girls in number 6 series are generally busty,it is quite evident in her naked photos -no offense!

  • 3 thoughts on “Aiysha Saagar Topless Photoshoot Numerology

    1. I like ur prediction of cricket matches,u have told truth some matches are fixed,but u people are also fixed by the bookies for wrong prediction.It is 4money

        • well said sir.. sir please can u help me out for just 2days match.. CSK vs RCB and MI vs KXP..plzzz sir. i will surely share my some profit with u.

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