Why Did We Praise And Curse Bal Thackeray ?

  • Bal Thackeray last images
  • Bal Thackeray last images

    We can praise him / we can curse him but we cant ignore him -Shiv Sena head Bal Thackeray.He is in the latest news because of his death yesterday. Here i present a numerological insight as to how or why did he attain the status of ‘Godfather’.

    Bal Thackery was born on 23 Jan,1926 – his day number being  5 ,month period the cusp of positive and negative 8 and destiny number in 2+3+0+1+1+9+2+6 =   24 or 6.

    So,he had 2 mass appeal numbers – 5 and 6 in his numerology and it is enough to explain his immense popularity.Having a destiny number in 6 is the best for males.Bollywood actor Salman khan and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli have  their destiny numbers  in 6.

    His name number added few extra points to it.His name ‘Bal thackeray’ added to 6 + 24 = 30 .Name / birth date number in 30 is always special.Such persons have immense number of followers.It is neither a material,nor a non -material number.It depends on the nature of the person.

    Now,his inner meaning number is 6   24  = 6   6 =66. In numerology,number 66 is highly powerful number since it has double six in it.Such persons are good at fine arts,public speeches and politics.They spellbound the audience but they will have enemies.

    Everything fits in perfectly in this case – Bal thackeray was a cartoonist,his speeches captivated entire maharashtra -was a strong politician and had many enemies.

    His other popular name Balasaheb added to 23 or 5 – again a mass appeal number.All these explains the secret of popularity of him,but how did he became a ‘Godfather’ ?

    Because,he was born in the period of saturn or 8 – it gives the person a powerful,unbeatable status,especially in politics.The famous bengali lady Mamta Banarjee,actor Hrithik Roshan,Vidya Balan were also born during January and public simply adore them.

    At the same time,few section called Bal thackeray as a ‘Goonda’ – the bad man – why ? Because ,he was born in the cusp of positive and negative 8.The negative 8 period – Jan 20-feb 27  is unlucky,it defames the person.

    It can make a person notorious – it explains the reason of his misdeeds.He and his party are famous for calling of ‘Bandhs’ – state and nationwide.

    His Political party name ‘Shiv sena’ adds to 15 + 14 = 29 – which is controversial popularity number.Its inner meaning number stands 15 14 or 6 5 = 65 -it has both 6 and 5 in it.But,it is not such a lucky number though…thats why there are differences within the party.

    Number 8 proves fatal for number 6 –   the main cause of the latest release ‘JAB TAK HAI JAAN’ becoming a flop had been the same – both its actor Shahrukh khan as well as its director Yash chopra were influenced by number 6 and the movie name added to number 8, no wonder it defamed them on its release day itself.

    In this case,Bal thackeray died yesterday 17 nov,2012 – it was a saturday or day of 8,and day number added to 8.

  • 2 thoughts on “Why Did We Praise And Curse Bal Thackeray ?

    1. Hi, I was just reading through your blog and found out that you keep contradicting whatever your write to suit the case of the person. In Bal Thackery’s article, you said ‘number 8 proves fatal for number 6’, but with Irrfan Khan you had written this: ‘A person effected by number 8 so strongly cant get much results with a name number in 32 or 5. Only 3 or a 6 can harness the power of 8 without any sides effects.’ Why do you keep changing? either you try to suit the case or numbers are mad and behaves differently i guess. Anyway, good blog 🙂

      • 8 is not good for 6, but 6 is not bad for 8………but it is 3 which is good for 8. I haven’t seen ‘numerical’ effect in visible form….an eight getting replaced by 6…ever…. 23…=28./28=23…… seen…but 26=28../28 becoming 26…never seen… in matches/anywhere.

        the ‘visible’ numbers clarifies the wrong concepts….running from the past…..

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