Aamir Khan’ Talaash Story Will Be Hit Or Flop ?

  • Talash 2012 latest
  • Talash 2012 latest

    We are waiting for Aamir Khan’s film Talaash release.What would be its story,will it be a hit or flop – much is here to unfold -purely on the basis of numerology.

    When we consider about the film,its name title ‘Talaash’ is weak – i have already explained it in detail earlier.The story would be slow and bloody,much similar to ‘Kaante’.Public had rejected Kaante at box office and it become a flop.

    Aamir khan’s birth day is in 5 and destiny number in 29 or 2 and the films name is in 18 or 9,movies in number 9 proves lucky for persons with destiny number in 29 – not all 2.

    Here,i would like to point out that the release date of Talaash movie is 30 nov,2012 – day number in 3 ,month period in 3 and destiny number in 3+0+1+1+2+0+1+2 = 10. Numbers ending in 0 are weak and unlucky and here both ,release date as well as its destiny number, ends in 0 – it is double unlucky.

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