Tips For Writers Seeking Online Articles Writing Jobs / Services

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  • Article writing jobs online tips
  • Article writing jobs online tips

    Writing has always been a fascinating job,we wish to write something more than often – be it an article ,blogs or our personal diary.There are many article writing jobs in various online services,but for that you need to be good a writer,improve / better your writing skills.

    Again,there are so many websites,books,softwares in India and other countries, offering you tips and techniques on writing – some lay stress on writing simple contents,other a bit literature type writings. Even without all those costly services,you can access how good a writer you are and how you can become fully adept in it.

    The secret lies in numerology of the person.Believe it or not,95 per cent of the popular authors across the world have their numerology in number 5 series – this is the secret success number for success in writing.

    To be a writer ,you should have been affected by number 5 – it stands for the planet mercury or budh..if you have that number in your numerology,there are high chances that destiny will provide you with writing jobs.

    The most effective way a person is affected by number 5 and the best chances of becoming a good author is when he is born in the periods of number 5 –

    Positive 5 period – May 28 – June 20
    Negative 5 period – Aug 28 – Sept 20

    The positive one is indicative of international fame,and the negative means national / lesser level of popularity. But,the chance of your becoming a author becomes high for sure if born in any of these two periods.

    Then ,if you have a destiny number in 5 series ,especially 32 – it will provide you opportunities related with article writing jobs.

    Even if one of your name components is in number 5 series,you can attempt at writing.Most of the journalist,even though born or affected by any other numbers,have number 5 in their name / name component. I have researched it and found it to be 100 % correct.

    Numerology is different from astrology in the sense that if you are not born lucky,still you can make yourself suited for various professions by a slight name change.If you are desperated to become an author,simply change your name spellings to number 5 series and see the magic !

    IMP – If your name has a ‘p’ in it,never attempt to make your name number come under number 5 series.P is unlucky for name number 5,it will kill your success chances.

    Without elongating this article,i want to say best of luck to would be authors / writers.Hope,those surfing across articles writers required /needed / wanted / for hire on various topics, find these numerological tips helpful.

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