Hot Actress Alia Bhatt – Numerological Predictions

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    Welcome to bollywood – Alia bhatt – What does your numerological readings say about you / your nature as well as your upcoming films and success in general ? The predictions seldom fails but i wish it should in your case !

    The actress Alia bhatt [daughter of filmmaker Mahesh bhatt] is a symbol of youth and beauty.  Even few of her numbers are beautiful, but not all. She has a great chance of success and fame in the early years but a life of loneliness in the later age.

    Birth date March 15

    Alia bhatt was born on 15 march,1993. Her day number is in 6, month period in 3 and destiny number in 1+5+0+3+1+9+9+3 = 31 [ on the assumption that her biography at wiki is correct.]

    6 born persons are considered lucky in all the matters of beauty,health,wealth,family,studies,filmy mass appeal.Further, number 15 is still more special – it gives immense beauty, fair complexion and attractive face. She has got all that -nobody can challenge this.

    But, her problems too begin with her birth day itself – she was born in the period of number 3 and her birth day is in 6, having 3 and 6 together often creates controversies in the matters of love affairs and marriage.

    Actress mandakini and actor Rajesh khanna had the combination of 6 and 3 and it created so many bad names for them. Such risks are often associated with 63 .

    Now,when we consider her destiny [future] number in 31 – it is a number of knowledge , yet representative of loneliness, un -social affairs or marriages and the danger of separation. If her birth year is true, she will have to face all these in her later years.

    Aliya to Aliyaa Name Change

    Her name adds to 6 + 16 = 31 -again the same bad number. Further,it has been afflicted by double ‘T’s. Actress Rani Mukerji,fiancee of Vidya balan -Siddharth roy kapur and many other celebrities have their destiny number in 31 and they are not leading a restful life.

    It is still unclear to me what is her original name spelling?

    The new spelling name change to ALIYAA has a new meaning, obviously! Now she too comes under the ‘born on 5’ We can expect more and more bold things from her because now her name total adds to number 32.


    At present, she is too young to worry about these defects in her numerology. She is tailor made for youngsters. For good future in 2015, film career, new projects, ad assignments, she should be consulting an expert numerologist.

    Her matrix would provide her complete complete pictures – the movie names which would prove the most luck for this youthful actress.

    You might find it interesting that her first film -‘Student of the year‘ added to name number 69 or 6 [not great for born march persons]. The movie name ‘2 states’ adds to 2 + 20 = 22.

    She should take care in her 32nd year which begins from next year mar 15.

    Film Consulting @ Rs 6 lac

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