What Is The Secret Power Behind The ‘Khans’ ?

  • salman dabangg 2 stills
  • salman dabangg 2 stills

    We have been wittnessing the hold of the famous ‘Khans’ on bollywood – have you ever tried to find out their secret mantras for success and popularity ? Well,numerology can provide the real insight behind their ‘Hits’ ,huge grip over Indian box office collections and super stardom.

    The KHAN title adds to name number 2+5+1+5 = 13 or 4. And ‘BOLLYWOOD’ too adds to 2+7+3+3+1+6+7+7+4 = 40 or 4 and this clearly explains the strong hold of the Khans over Bollywood.

    Of course,not all the Khan titled actors are equally successful simply because their main / first name modifies their name to different numbers- while some are lucky,others are average.

    Among the top bollywood KHAN actors are obviously – Salman khan,Shahrukh khan and Aamir khan.Saif Ali khan has great chance to become successful as others with a slight name changes.

    After ‘The Dirty Picture’,critics began to honor actress Vidya balan with the ‘khan’ title /status.Her name component Vidya adds to number 13 !

    Salman khan and Saif ali khan have bright future – their destiny numbers are in 33 and 32 -simply excellent.Both the numbers are extremely powerful and lucky -represents huge public liking.Their upcoming films would rain heavy at box office.

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