Prasant Numerology – Numerological Predictions For 2013 !

  • Prasant numerology -numerological predictions 2013

    What can you expect from the upcoming year 2013 ? We can know it best with Prasant Nair’s Numerological Predictions on Prasant Numerology.

    We will analyse the matrix itself – in this case the begining date of the year will be taken into consideration – 1 Jan,2013 . Day is 01 and destiny number in 0+1+0+1+2+0+1+3 = 8 or 08.


    Vital numbers are – 18 or 9 , 00 and again 18 or 9.During the initial months,number 1 will show its effect and later number 8 will have its say.

    Those who have their birth date in 18 will find this year special for themselves.Number 18 is not good,so it will be bad for most of the other numbers.

    The year in general add to 2+0+1+3 = 6 which is the best number in numerology in almost every walk of life – family hapiness,marriage,love affairs,earning money,speculation in share markets,media,movies.But,it has been afflicted by number 8.

    So,the year 2013 will be under the control of three numbers – 1,6,8 and 18 /9.The best would be reaped by 3,6,9 affected persons,especially number 3 would find the year lucky because destiny number 8 cant harm them,further their number in 3 completes the series of 6 [year number] and 9 [matrix number].

    Number 2 ,4 [Aamir khan is affected by both ] ,1 and 7 wont find this year the best.

    Crime /criminal cases – Number 18 represents fights,suppression and destruction.This year will be highly unsafe for girls – number 18 clearly indicates that this year will witness the highest count of rape cases all over the world.It is a very news.So,girls are adviced to play safe hands with love affairs.

    Regarding Bollywood – the year 2012 would be inclined towards producing dark and sinister / cop movies / sexy ones.It is quite interesting that Krrish 3 has name number in 18,Dhoom 3 in 30.

    Actors/actresses and movies matching with the above matrix numbers – 8 and 18 would perform well- like Salman Khan,Abhishek Bachchan,Priyanka Chopra,Imran khan,John Abraham,Emraan hashmi.

    Share Market – Investors / intraday traders / long term traders and experts are in the hope of big rise in NSE /BSE support levels – but,such expections would fail.The matrix numbers in 18 would hamper growth seriously ! It will be year 2014 which would be favourable for Indian Stock markets.

    Again,those shares which are in name numbers 3 would perform well – Thinksoft and others.Then,shares in name number afflicted 6 – DLF.Those in name number 8 or having a ‘P’ letter in its trading codes will excel well – sail,gail,Jpassociat, and many others.

    Long term investments wont be wealth getting,short selling would be the key matra to amass heavy gains in other name number shares.

  • 6 thoughts on “Prasant Numerology – Numerological Predictions For 2013 !

      • My guess is Barisal will win. Astrology can be applied in matches played in India… because its cities nakshatra,sunrise,sunset times are perfect.It wont apply in Bangladesh or other countries.I dont know,rest of the world calculations.

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