Dabangg 2 Movie Has Serious Numerological Defects – Predictions !

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    Well,you might be in a shock after reading the predictions on Dabangg 2 -the most liked and waited upcoming film of Salman Khan.But,the matter has seriousness in it -the intention to warn the makers about the released date defects is genuine.

    The movie name ‘Dabangg 2’ adds to excellent numerological number – 19 + 2 = 21.Here the name components has got the split effect because of sequel number 2.It is saddening that because of this,its inner meaning number becomes – 19 2 or 1 2 = 12 which is considered a weak number.

    But it should be noted that this one of the examples of perfect balancing of name components – the final name number and its inner meaning number are almost similar -just an interchange of digits.Actor Shahrukh khan has his name components in similar fashion – final name in 42 and inner meaning name in 24.In his case,both the numbers are lucky whereas in the case of Dabangg 2,number 12 is weak.

    Further,i never ever trust number 11 and my movie predictions read likewise.Dabangg 2 will be releasing on 21 dec,2012 – day number 3,month period cusp of 3 and 8,destiny number in 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+3 = 11 – the unlucky number.I always advise my director clients to avoid number 11,especially as destiny.Recently,JTHJ and SOS were released on date with destiny number in 11 and they failed to reach their targets by miles.

    When we analyse the matrix of release date of Dabangg 2,starring Salman khan ,we get-


    Vital numbers – 32 ,21 and 11.The number 11 in the matrix is the main weakness,otherwise other numbers are excellent.But,number 11 has the capacity to sink biggest of ships [movies] – one should avoid it as far as possible.

    Still,the month period is the cusp of 3 and 8 – both are favorable for Salman khan.Director Arbaaz khan is highly lucky to debut with this movie in name number 3.He is highly effected by number 8 ,for such persons number 3 is best.Even his matrix has number 3 element too times – double lucky !

    Winding up,i would repeat that Dabangg 2 has got serious numerological defects – it has been afflicted by unlucky numbers 11 and 12.

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