India Vs England Test Series / ODI Matches – Numerological Defects And Predictions !

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  • India vs England matches live predictions
  • India vs England matches live predictions Why is Indian cricket struggling against England in the matches of ongoing test series ? Simply because we had begun the series on a date which was numerologically more suitable for England rather than India ! The 2012 test series Ind vs Eng began on 15 nov – day in number 6 and its destiny number in 1+5+1+1+2+0+1+2 = 13.In this case,the matrix becomes – 15 13 Vital numbers – 15,13,64,28,11 and 53 . That team has a greater chance of winning which has more control over the date /destiny and the various matrix numbers of any series/match.For analysing the same,the birth date [independence day] ,its destiny and matrix numbers are considered besides the main thing – the country’s name number.All these elements should be compatible with the matrix numbers of the starting date of any series. Our country’s name ‘INDIA‘ adds to number 12 which is highly weak and has hardly any compatability with destiny number in 13.On the other hand,’ENGLAND‘ name adds to number 26 which can give shocking results when it gets a destiny in number 13.Non-living things in number 26 flourishes in a monstrous way if provided with a destiny in 13 number. England has no independence day,hence its success or defeat rests purely on its name number in 26.But,India has its independence day as 15 aug,1947 which has its own strange numerology.India’s independence date in number 15 or 6 amounts to its birth date.Its destiny adds to 1+5+0+8+1+9+4+7 = 35 or 8 which is extremely weak. It is interesting that the test series began on 15 [exactly similar date as independence day].Also,the test series matrix had 53 in it which is just the interchange of our number 35. It means that India should have had control over the series.Yet,it is not happening mainly because England’s number 26 matches with both 53 or 8 and 13- as a result they are dominating the series. And above that,the name number of England cricket team‘s current 2012 captain – ‘Alastair Cook‘ adds to 16 + 19 = 35 – no wonder he and his team has complete control over the test series ! Even the fourth and final test of this series is slated for dec 13 – again number 13 -what are its predictions ? But,its destiny number adds to number 12 which matches exactly with the name number of ‘INDIA’ – there are chances of a draw in the match or even the series which at present stands 2-1 in favor of ENGLAND. The T20 Matches Ind vs Eng begins on dec 20,2012 – day in number 2 and destiny in number 2+0+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 10.For its Predictions,we will get the matrix – 20 10 Vital numbers – 20,10 ,21,00 and 30.Here,most of the things are in favour of India than England.Number 21 matches with India’s name number in 12 -just and interchage of digits and even more lucky than 12 itself.Even 30 matches well with our country’s destiny number in 35 or 8.But,there are double ‘0’s in the matrix which indicates that the matches would be highly dull – live scores would tell its story. The ODI Matches Ind vs Eng would begin on 11 Jan,2013 – its numerological predictions -the day number adds to 2 and destiny number in 1+1+0+1+2+0+1+3 = 9.Its matrix becomes – 11 09 Vital numbers – 11 , 9,29 ,1,19 The numbers 29 and 19 promises exciting /high scoring matches.Again,numbers 9 and and 19 are more in favor of Indian cricket captain Dhoni than Alastair Cook. All these would not have happened if we had begun the test series on a date which was numerologically favourable more for INDIA !

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