‘Satyamev Jayate’ Was Numerologically Responsible For The ‘Honour Killing’ !

  • Satyamev Jayate honour killing case insight

    Aamir Khan sends clothes and gifts to the daughter of Bulandshahr honour killing victim.Why ? As a remedial measure for the harm the show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ did for the mass ? What is exactly the numerology behind the evil effects of his debut tv show and this killing ?

    ‘Satyamev Jayate’ adds to 25 + 13 = 38 – it can represent both -the sufferer as well as a killer.Most of the anti-social elements have this number 38 and it generally proves harmful for the society.The name components in 13 or 4 and double Ts magnifies its killer effects – no wonder it killed many within a short span.

    The most controversial case being the Bulandshahr honour killing.It is pathetic that the ancient scriptures on numerology still carries the weak theory that number 2 is good for number 4 ,whereas in reality it can prove deadly for each other.

    The man who was killed had the name Abdul hakim – 16 + 13 = 29. The girl who got attracted towards him and married him was Mehwish ,her name adds to number 29.The show which killed their luck ‘Satyamev Jayate’ too had 13 and 38 in its numerology.

    It is a matter of worst luck that they got attached to the show Satyamev Jayate [ which has the killer /evil numbers 13 and 38 ] ,hosted by bollywood actor Aamir khan whose name number adds to 9 + 13 = 22 or 4 and has a destiny number in 29.

    Too much involvement of numbers 4 and 2 and 38 took the life of the lady’s husband.The evil numerology of the show and Aamir khan killed the man Abdul hakim.

    The name of the show needs to be rectified immediately ,otherwise it will keep on showing its killer effect on a larger scale.

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