Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘David’ Needs Slight Numerological Corrections To Be A Hit

  • David movie new stills

    South actor Vikram and Bollywood Mystery Man Neil Nitin Mukesh starrer ‘David’ adds to numerological number 16 – it need a slight change to make it a hit film.

    When i analysed the numberology of actors Vikram and Neil nitin Mukesh,both,are severely affected by number 8.Number 16/7 wont be suitable for them.If they are not willing to change the spellings drastically,there is an option to turn it to number 25.

    The director’s name Bejoy Nambiar adds to 16 + 16 = 32 which is a great number.If his wiki birth records are correct,he has his destiny number in sensational success number 33.Director Yash chopra ,myself and Salman khan share the same destiny number 33.

    His inner meaning number in 16 16 = 77 is even more special.Vikram’s name number is also 16,has number 7 in his birth destiny numbers.Neil nitin mukesh has number 7 element and name number in 55.To strike a balance between the entire director and actor duo – it would be numerologically better to use number 25.

    His name number has name components exactly similar to David movie number 16.Still,it would be better to name it as ‘DAVEED’ which would add to number 25 – a number on which one can rely confidently.

    Further,they are planning to release the movie David on any date in Feb.I have already explained the evil nature of the negative 8 period – Jan 20 – feb 28.It leads to failures -almost for sure.

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