We Can Expect Stock Market Crash On 21 Dec,2012 !

  • stock market crash predictions for dec 21 2012

    When a stock market is subjected to dates which have destiny in number 11 ,we should be prepared to expect a heavy downtrend / fall in shares’ prices on that date.The upcoming day dec 21 has been affected by the same evil number in a quite serious manner.

    Prasant Numerology based Numerological predictions hardly go wrong in this matter.Whatever tips you read or learn for trading – intraday / delivery for dec 21 ,2012 – please be cautious.

    Dec 21 ,2012 has a day number in 21 ,month the cusp of number 3 and 8.Its destiny number adds to 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11 – the evil number representing heavy financial losses,mass murders ,suicides.The matrix indicates even more danger –


    Vital numbers – 21,11,32. There are number 11s on the vital sides of the matrix which almost ensures that number 11 will show its effect more than the other numbers and it is evil.

    It is said that only number 6 can reduce the bad effects of number 11,the day is friday or the day of number 6.But,it is the month period of 6 which proves effective than fridays.

    Salman khan’s Dabangg 2 will be releasing on the same date.’Jab tak hai jaan’ was released on nov 13 and it had its destiny number in 11.As predicted by us much earlier,the film did flop [ public disliked it and even box office collections were poor.]

    On such dates like dec 21,2012, my advise for the investors would be to short sell the shares/stocks or go by the trading tips very very cautiously.

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