Winner Miss Universe 2012 Predictions – Australian Renae Ayris ?

  • Winner of the upcoming beauty contest Miss Universe 2012 can be the Australian model Renae Ayris.Among the 89 beautiful girls,her numerology is quite striking !

    Year 2012 adds to number 5,its vital numbers  are 7,17 /8.So,those who have number 5,17 in their numerology will near the final rounds of the beauty paegent 2012.

    Renae Ayris -Miss Universe Australia 2012 winner

    Renae Ayris has her name number in  – 18  + 8   =   26 or 8. Number 26 can take anyone to great heights all of a sudden.Further her inner number is 98.She was born on 17 September 1990.She has the lucky number 17 as her birth date.

    The beauty contest event will be held live on 19 dec,2012 ,its matrix-


    Vital numbers – 11,98,18,19 .You see,Renae’s first name adds to number 18,her inner number is 98.Further,her destiny number adds to number 36 [ all these predictions will fail if her age records are false].So,she has the birth destiny combination in 89 again !

    She is born in the period of 5 [ Aug 28-sept 20] and she is in her 23 age.All these things indicate that Renae Ayris has great chance of success in Miss Universe 2012 – she has all the lucky numbers in her numerology to be a potential winner.

    I have not analysed the 89 girls names – again number 89 [ I have just started the list when i found this girl’s name quite lucky.If i get time to analyse the complete list,i might update this article]

    UPDATE – Even the Guyana girl Ruqayyah Boyer has many things in her favor – name components in 18 and 17 = 35 or 8 .Birth day in 28 /1 and destiny in 34/7 – again 17 combination.Her age is currently 23.GUYANA name adds to number 17.

    I doubt,this girl has better chance than Renae Ayris. Even Indian contestant Shilpa singh has a wonderful name number 38 [ She has a P] with balanced name components.Her age is unknown.

    All these depend upon correct age…else predictions may fail.I havent checked the complete list – its 50 percent as yet !

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