Change The Name Of ‘Bolero’ Car To Prevent Further Accident Cases !

  • bolero accidents in 2012

    We liked ‘Bolero’ car and it might be making good money for its manufactures,but its name is quite risky in numerological terms -BOLERO is a disguised killer vehicle.Change its name without delay !

    The name ‘BOLERO’ adds to number 26 ,which is a great success number for non-living things.Its sale might be quite heavy and creating profits for its manufacturers ,but number 26 adds to number 8 – killer number and no wonder we hear the news about an road accident because of Bolero almost everyday.

    It is simply criminal to carry such name for vehicles -it can take lives of many.Please try to change its name.At least,the new customers should avoid purchase of bolero car whatever price discounts they offer.

    Either,the persons inside the Bolero will die or the car will be the cause of major accidents and deaths for others.

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