Pak Vs Ind T20 Matches 2012 Tour – Numerological Predictions

  • India vs Pakistan 2012-T20 Matches Predictions

    Well,i have written Pak vs Ind intentionally because – its almost as if we have invited them for this 2012 tour just to gift them ‘WINS’.Numerological predictions point out that Pakistan will be the winner of T20 matches.

    Pakistan has the P and t or 84 effect,their destiny number is in number 7 and finally their name number adds to number 25.Further,their team captain Mohammad Hafeez was born on 17 October 1980.This year’s matrix favor 8 number persons heavily.Also,he was born on 6 period and has destiny in number 9.He is currently in his 33rd year.

    His name adds to 30 + 31 = 61 or 7 [again number 7].He has complete control over the 3,6 and 9 series.

    The 1st t 20 match between India vs Pakistan -Predictions

    Dec 25 – The day’s matrix –


    Vital numbers – 25 ,55,15,76. It has the day number exactly in number 25 or 7.When one’s destiny number matches with the event date number – there are high chances that Pakistan has high chances of a win.

    2nd t20 match Ind vs Pak -winner’s Prediction

    dec 28 -it matrix-


    Vital numbers – 28,18,21,88,37. Again,number 8 element proves lucky for P and T combination.Again,Pakistan should be the winner in 2nd t20 match against India in dec 2012 tour.

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