Sania Mirza Has An Amazing Numerology In Numer 26 !

  • Sania mirza -Indian tennis girl – has her name in number 26.Whats amazing is that her name components are perfectly balance -thats why she has been able to taste success on international levels.

    Sania Mirza adds to 11 + 15 = 26 – a quick success and recognition number.Her name components are in 11 or 2 and 15 or 6,its inner meaning number becomes exact 26.

    Such a striking balance between name number and inner meaning number increases the power of that number manifold – the chance that such names will succeed becomes very high.

    Her name component 11 might surely be giving her mental worries,slight problems in compatibility with her husband -Pakistani cricketer Shoib Malik.

    Her title Mirza in number 15 is excellent – it is a beauty generating number.No wonder,she has an highly attractive face and excellent body figures.There are two high voltage beauty ,popularity and sex numbers -5 and 6 in it.She will be very highly interested in sex.

    But,number 15 creates childlessness problems more than often.Further,she was born on 15 November 1986 -again number 15.So,the power and effects of this number will be twice – high attraction,extreme interest in sex and child conception problems.

    Her birth destiny matrix –



    Vital numbers – 15,52,13,32

    Again,numbers 13 and 32 is indicative of high interest in sex and nudism.She will wear bold costumes in the upcoming years.Number 32 also represent mass popularity – she will always remain in limelight -may be not because of tennis.

    Her name number in 26 is not compatible with her birth numerology.But,it gains its strength from the fact that its components are perfectly balanced like the bollywood film title Karan Arjun [ 11 + 15 = 26 ]



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