We Can Mutilate Pakistan By A Name Change Of Jammu Kashmir !

  • jammu and kashmir news

    Why have we given such a bad short form J & K for Jammu and kashmir ? It needs to be slightly modified and we would be in a position to mutilate Pakistan without any weapon – they will never dare to attack India.

    J & K takes the form of 1 2 as per numerological calculation – the & creates the split effect.Now the final as well as inner meaning numbers are all in 12 – it is a weak number.

    What we can do in a single mini attempt is to jumble the letter placements – make it K & J .Then,everything would become 21 – excellent powerful number- it will surely lead to immense progress of the state and root out millitant attacks.

    The full names Jammu ,Kashmir is never good – they too need serious changes.For that,Indian govt should consult a panel of top numerologists to figure out a good new name.

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